Frequently Asked Questions

●What is the size of the available rings?

▽ There are limitations on size. The width of the ring is within 4 mm. American size 5 to 9, Japan size 9 to 18 can be installed.

●How does the rotation mechanism work?

▽Thin belts push up the rotating shaft and rotate. This is a patent-pending mechanism.

●What kind of materials are flowers made of?

▽The flowers are made of Japanese origami. Combine the petals one by one and open it to bloom.

●What color are flowers?

▽You can choose from two colors: red rose and white rose.

●Is the ring attached?

▽Ring is not attached.

●I'd like to be a distributor / distributor, is it possible?

▽For distributors / dealers, please contact:

●Do you have contact information for media coverage / media?

▽If you are interested in coverage / media, please contact:

Your Timeless Moment

The world's first ring case "Ring turns as a flower blooms". Currently, we are achieving the project at the world's largest Cloud Funding service - Kickstarter, and we already have begun general sales.

Pop up gimmick

By opening and closing the case you will realize a wonderful moment while sparkling and flaring the ring with reflection of natural light at the same time as flowering. This rotary elevating mechanism is international patent pending. As well as the moment to hand over, it also becomes an interior by decorating it. Grace's commitment is beautiful modeling that adds color to life.

Smart shape

Because of its thin shape and stylish appearance, Grace is unlikely to be a ring case. She will be amazed at the ring. You can put in and out of your chest pocket or jeans pocket. There are 2 models of resin package and metal scraping out, you can choose according to style.